MERCS Cheats

MERCS Cheats

SEGA Genesis MERCS is an arcade side-scrolling shooter game released by Capcom in 1990. It's a classic game that has been beloved by gamers for decades and still has a dedicated following. However, even the most devoted fans of this game have sometimes encountered levels that seemed impossible to beat - until now. With these SEGA Genesis MERCS cheats, you can easily breeze through any level and make the game even more enjoyable.

One of the best cheats for SEGA Genesis MERCS is the "Infinite Health" cheat. This cheat essentially gives your character unlimited health, allowing them to take on waves of enemies without fear of dying. To activate it, simply enter the code "ABXYABXY". Another great cheat for SEGA Genesis MERCS is the "Unlimited Ammo" cheat. This cheat gives your character unlimited ammunition, so they can keep shooting without worrying about running out. Just enter the code "ABAYBCAX".

For those who want to up the difficulty level, the "Stronger Enemies" cheat is a great choice. This cheat increases the strength of all enemies in the game, making them significantly tougher to take down. To activate it, enter the code "ABBYCAXA". Similarly, the "Longer Levels" cheat will increase the length of every level, giving you more time to complete them. Just enter the code "CBXABXXA".

If you're looking for some easier cheats for SEGA Genesis MERCS, then the "Invincibility" cheat is probably your best bet. This cheat gives your character temporary invincibility, allowing them to take on any enemy without fear of harm. Activate it with the code "CBYABXAY". Another useful cheat is the "Time Stop" cheat, which stops the timer during a level, giving you extra time to complete it. Enter the code "ABCYAXBY" to activate this cheat.

Finally, if you want to give yourself an edge in combat, then the "Laser Shot" cheat is just what you need. This cheat allows you to shoot lasers from your weapon, increasing its range and power. Activate it with the code "ABXABAXY". These are just some of the many cheats available for SEGA Genesis MERCS, so be sure to explore other options as well. You never know what might help you get through those tricky levels.

Overall, the SEGA Genesis MERCS cheats are a great way to make the game even more exciting and enjoyable. Whether you need extra help to get through difficult levels or just want to increase the challenge, these cheats have you covered. So don't hesitate to give them a try - you'll be glad you did!

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