Hylics is an indie roguelike RPG game developed and published by Mason Lindroth. The game has a unique graphical style, mixing elements of 8-bit pixel art with claymation. In Hylics, the player takes control of an unnamed character through a strange world full of puzzles and monsters. The game's objective is to explore the world and complete various tasks, while trying to survive the various encounters with enemies.

The game features a turn-based combat system, where the player must use their wits and strategy to defeat the various enemies they encounter. Combat is often a matter of timing and positioning, as the player must use the correct weapon or spell at the right moment to take down their foes. Hylics also features an upgrade system, where the player can use the resources they collect to upgrade their weapons, spells, and armor.

The Hylics game story focuses on a mysterious individual known only as "the Hylic". As this enigmatic figure travels through the strange world, they come across many different characters, each with their own unique traits and stories to tell. By talking to these characters and completing tasks for them, the Hylic slowly unravels the secrets of the world. Along the way, the player will discover hidden treasures, secret passages, and powerful bosses.

Hylics is filled with surprises and challenges, demanding quick thinking from the player. With its unique visuals, captivating story, and deep combat system, Hylics is an enjoyable experience that rewards creative thinking. Whether you're looking for a challenging roguelike RPG, or just want to unwind with some old-school fun, Hylics is sure to provide a memorable experience. Hylics game is available on Steam, so don't wait any longer - jump in and explore the strange world of Hylics!

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